The Bronte Birth Place March 23 2013

Spring is here, the flowers are in hiding and snow is falling snow upon snow. We were meant to be antiquing at the Arley Hall Antiques Fair today, but the Great British Weather had something else in mind for us – about 18 inches of heavily drifting snow! So having risen early to go to an antiques fair and finding ourselves stuck we decided to go for a health giving walk instead. After trudging for what seemed like miles and having had to recover ourselves and the dog from man sized snow drifts a few of times we eventually made it into the local village, Thornton, whose name to fame is being the birthplace of the Bronte sisters. Thornton didn’t look as if Spring had sprung but it did look quite picturesque under a blanket of snow. See what you think.



Top – The Bronte birthplace, Market Street Thornton, Bottom left a lovely little farmhouse with a well, and Bottom right the cottages along Sapgate Lane, just round the corner from the Bronte birthplace

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