The Fischer & Mieg Jug circa 1860

Fischer and Mieg was founded in 1802 by Johann Gottlob List and Friedrich Höcke under the company name of Friedrich Höcke. The company was then sold to Christopher Reichenbach and Christian Nonne in 1811 who gained financial support from Martin Fischer. The company grew and acquired a license to produce porcelain in 1822. The company was then taken over by Christian Fischer who married Emma Karolina von Mieg. Christian studied at the National Manufactory in Sèvres, France and is credited with the formalisation of Bohemian shapes and designs. The company, then known as Christian Fischer was sold to his son, Rudolf Karl Fischer, and son in-law, Ludwig von Mieg, giving rise to the company name Fischer and Mieg. The company was sold within the family several times until in 1908 it was sold to Wilhelm and Victor Maier. Wilhelm and Victor Maier maintained the brand but sold out to Oepiag and Epiag in 1920. However, they continued manufacturing porcelain under the name Fischer and Mieg until it was nationalized in 1946 to form part of Starorolský Porcelán.

Fischer & Mieg Jug Blog1Fischer and Mieg were renowned for the very high quality of their porcelain and also for their exquisite designs. Take for example the Fischer and Meig jug in Figure 1. This jug is quite unusual, not just because of the stunning decoration but also because of the lovely design (Figure 1). The jug is of a lovely tactile, well balanced ovoid spoutless form. It is 8 & ½ inches (21.6cm) high and is decorated in a very eye catching pattern consisting of hand painted gilded green and red flowers with gilded green foliage inhabited by green gilded birds. The over all effect is quite stunning.

The base of this particular jug is unmarked. However, we also have a number of plates in the same pattern carrying the Fischer and Mieg  impressed mark for 1860 -1870. The jug is in an excellent condition with no chips cracks or repairs. The enamels are in a lovely condition but there is some age related wear to the gilded decoration. This is to be expected in a piece that is around 140 to 150 years old. The jug is currently  for sale  via our Ruby Lane shop.

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